[eDebate] Treasurer Reminders - CEDA Nationals 07 fee payment and registration

Kelly McDonald Kelly.McDonald
Wed Feb 14 15:23:50 CST 2007

CEDA Nationals 2007 at the University of Oklahoma is a little over a month away.  The down time before districts would be a good time to go on line and register your team, pay your tournament fees and prepare awards nominations for your students, coaches, & alumni.
The homepage for the national tournament is: http://www.cedadebate.org/nationals/
Per the invitation, please remember that the registration deadline is is February 21, 2007, which includes payment of fees.  
Payment of fees is being handled on line seamlessly through the site in conjunction with PayPal for secure electronic credit card or bank withdrawal transactions.  
Web payment is very simple and can be accessed at: http://www.cedadebate.org/store/
Payment is very quick - you need to create a simple log-in for the CEDA store front - start to finish the process takes less than 5 minutes. You need only select the quantity of teams you wish to enter and school fee and you are ready to go.  Please remember, to receive any award or participate in the national tournament, a school must have their registration current.  If you have not paid your annual membership, you can also do that through the site.
Kelly McDonald - CEDA Treasurer 
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