[eDebate] CEDA NCA Paper Submissions (Deadline: Thurs 2-15-07 Midnight)

Morris, Eric R EricMorris
Wed Feb 14 22:12:17 CST 2007

In the past, most submissions have been panels instead of papers.
Perhaps this is because writing a complete paper by Feb 15 is not good
timing for most in the debate community. 


In consultation with the CEDA administrators, I'm happy to announce a
slightly different protocol this year. 


In order to submit a paper for consideration at NCA, you only need an
extended abstract (and acceptance decisions will need to made on that
basis). However, so long as your paper is completed into the NCA system
by August 1, it will be eligible for the top paper award. The August 1
deadline is subject to minor logistical alteration (I don't expect any),
but the larger point is that individual papers, even without panels, are
now easy submit even if being finalized by Feb 15 was not realistic.


So, if you want to write a paper discussing anything of interest to CEDA
debate, you can submit it by midnight Thursday, even if you only have
time to assemble an abstract. 


As before, the address for submissions is:


If you haven't submitted to NCA in the past, you'll need to set up an
account, which takes perhaps five minutes. 


If you are interested, but don't know how you will fund a conference, it
is quite realistic that you might be able to get at least partial
funding from your university (even if you are an undergraduate).
Policies vary, but many are very exciting to support people at all
levels participating in academic conferences. 


Backchannel if you have any questions, 


Eric Morris

Missouri State University

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