[eDebate] NCFA Thanks

Darren Elliott delliott
Thu Feb 15 17:28:03 CST 2007

The Blue Devils would like to thank the folks in Northern California for
a great tournament experience last weekend.  The weather there was
certainly better than in the Midwest.  In fact it was when they got back
to the KC airport that they were stranded in a hotel due to snow and
ice.  They miss Cali already.

Wish I could've been there but my teams and asst. coaches have talked
about it non-stop.  Thanks to Shawn Whalen for answering questions and
helping with logistics, to Becky Opsata for hosting in such a beautiful
location, and to everyone we debated and all of the judges we rarely see
for welcoming the "outsiders" from Kansas.  Thanks to Bob and the
Bakersfield crew for the insight and hospitality as well.  

To the San Francisco State team we debated in Semis and the Cal Poly
team we debated in the other Semis bracket then in Finals, we thank you
as well.  There is damn good Debate in Northern California and we are
glad we came out.  Best of luck to you all the rest of the year.


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC

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