[eDebate] MC Serch Interview

James E. Radford jr jeradford
Fri Feb 16 09:22:14 CST 2007

 What is up debate people?

I've been blogging about ego trip/VH1's "The White Rapper Show" throughout
the season, and lately have been able to interview several of the cast. I
did an interview with MC Serch (formerly of 3rd Bass) that I'm sort of proud
of. Thought some of you all might be interested. There is also an interview
with "Jus Rhyme," politically motivated and very debater-like white rapper,
obsessed with racial politics. We had actually discussed debate a little bit
in the interview, but I cut that part for time.

Anyways -- check it out at http://www.jamieradford.com/blog

Peace! J.
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