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You are cordially invited to the James Madison  University campus to judge  
the 2007 "James Madison Commemorative Debate and Citizen Forum."  This is the 
fifth annual "Madison Cup  Debates," which takes place in conjunction with our 
university?s annual  celebration of James Madison's birthday.  In only a short 
time the ?Madison Cup Debates? has become a noteworthy  and significant 
event on the national debate competition scene.  This year it will take place on  
Wednesday, March 14, 2007. 
Our annual Madison Day Debates continue to grow.  This year?s field will 
include as many  as 24 teams, who will be traveling from as far away as 
California.  This year?s participants include: UVA,  Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Wake  
Forest, Cornell, William and Mary,  Claremont, Richmond, Liberty, George Mason, 
and of course JMU?to  name only a few. 
The undergraduate student debaters will be competing for the Madison Cup,  
and $15,000.00 in Scholarship prizes. 
This  year the debate topic is: Resolved "That our nation needs Affirmative 
Action now more than  ever." 
We hope that you are free to join us on Wed. March 14.  We have two rounds of 
debate on Wed.  morning at 8:30AM, and 11:00AM (each should last about 2 
hours).  The debates are in Taylor Hall (4th  Floor?look for our registration 
table).  Parking permits will be arranged for those without permits?just let me  
know if you need one.  Coffee and  snacks will be provided. 
No special "debate" expertise is required or expected of judges.  These are 
"public debates," that is,  they are designed to be a real public forum?
students and other audience members  are encouraged to come and speak their mind at 
the conclusion of the  debates.  All that is required of  judges is to evaluate 
the debaters based on the quality of their  argumentation.  In other words, 
to  select and rank teams based on your perception of their debating skills?not 
on  your personal beliefs?and to offer a brief amount of feedback to the 
students  involved.  We will not ask you to  announce your decisions, just offer a 
bit of constructive criticism, positive  feedback, and thoughtful commentary 
on the debate. 
We will have "jury instructions" for all the jury members on the day of  the 
If you would like to join us, or just help us out by serving on a jury at  
8:30 am, 11:00 am or both, please let me know ASAP. 
Based on our conversations with last year?s volunteers, we believe that  all 
the judges who participated really enjoyed themselves.  We hope you will too.  
Pete Bsumek, Dir. of the Madison Cup Debates and the Madison Day  Committee. 
Mike Davis, Dir. of JMU Debate and the Madison Day  Committee. 
PS:  We would also love to see you, your  friends and family, or even your 
students at the final round on Wed. evening at  5PM in the Wilson Hall Theater.  
So  if you know anyone who might be interested in the debate, please let him 
or her  know about the event.  It might even  be a worthwhile extra credit 
assignment for some of your classes. 

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