[eDebate] Martin Hatin' Again- Congrats OU

jmill12 jmill12
Fri Feb 16 13:37:10 CST 2007

My thoughts were:

OU won the 2 largest tournaments Wake (144) , NW(155) (Ky 131, GSU 127)

and Harvard which is generally considered (by many, well some, well me) one of
the toughest. Almost all the first round types are there, only breaks to octo's,
which takes a 6-2.

Didn't really claim "one for the ages". I was wondering if those out there ,
like you i guess, knew who else had done similar things. You provided a nice
list of similar accomplishments. Thank you.

Though, that list seems to include a large amount of highly successful, highly
recruited debaters. Blake was an LDer, and Connor went to a school that didn't
have a debate program when he was accepted. 

So i guess i am willing to say that a school with an LDer and an unecruited
policy debater from Oklahoma, that  has never had a first round bid, in only the
4th year of the program, winning the two largest and  the toughest tournaments
is possibly "one for the ages." 


PS You're still mad that you dropped a DA and lost a round to me and Norm at the
93 Vegas tournament aren't you? Didnt your coach. Tom DeGarlis call us "the
slowest team in America"? It's good to see you've learned not to drop my args:)

I know you beat me more than i beat you, i just wanted all the new kids on the
block to understand that we go back a ways (pre-merger CEDA). Just like Jackie
and Jason, the OU Coaches. How many Ceda debaters have coached the odds on
favorite for the Copeland? :)

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