[eDebate] More CEDA Rockers!

jmill12 jmill12
Fri Feb 16 14:56:27 CST 2007

Adrienne reminds me that i completely ignored my debate partner and my best
friend on the circuit when we debated.

Max Schnurer and Jason Jarvis were coaches for the NDT champs Wake forest (2nd
in Copeland).

Max debated at VT with a complete rock
JJ debated at Emory mostly ceda.

I want all out there to know that I am not dissing the NDT or CEDA. I never got
a chance to debate NDT, so seeing my CEDA peeps doing well is cool for me.
I can't count the number of times i was told in high school that CEDA debate was
weak debate, or only 2 person LD, or where high school JV'ers go to debate in
college. Nor can I count the times in college that CEDA was weak because we
debated two topics a year, that we were shallow debaters or that winning CEDA
nats is like winning the NAIA while winning the NDT is like winning the NCAA's.

I'm glad i don't have to hear us disparaging each other anymore. So my posts
have been been a celebration of my friends and peers, not disrespect to NDT.

Thanks, now back to your regularly scheduled edebate post 

GORDIE miller

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