[eDebate] Nice post Steve and Ignore Gordie

jmill12 jmill12
Fri Feb 16 15:27:44 CST 2007

Thanks Steve,

Since i have little NDT historical info, your post was (all joking aside) the
kind of answer to my initial question Tuesday Morning. That is pretty

Now please ignore me. I have recieved a number of backchannels suggesting i shut
up about OU and the Copeland. Here are some things.

1. I totally respect Gerogia, Kansas, Wayne, Dartmouth, Harvard, Emory and all
the other contenders. I do not beleive I have demeaned any of those fine squads
or teams.

2. I have no clue which team is better. I attend mostly regional tournaments
with my majority novice and JV squad. I got to see many of these teams at
outrounds at Wake but that is it. 

3. Yes jackie and connor and blake are friends of mine. I am just very happy and
impressed with their accomplishments.

4. If the rantings of a crazy coached stuck in 2 feet of fresh powder can impact
the voting for the the best team in the country, then the ranking process is in
trouble. i guess i am reminded of Ross's recent post about the inability ( or
unwillingness)  of our community to dicuss issues important to our community on
this listserve. Where do we talk about this? You don't think the rankers talk to
or listen to others opinions?

5. I apologize if folks see my messages as breaking the unwritten, unspoken code
of not campaigning for the Copeland. As i said above, my intent was ONLY
celebration of my friends. Sure i look at debateresults and I see the results of
tournaments (since i wasn't at many that "count") and I got an opinion on who is
the best. But I think the district chairs have a tough job and i dont presume to
know their job better than they do.

Good luck to all and I am excited for the Copeland to be awarded next month!


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