[eDebate] JV/Novice Nationals at WVU and a personal note

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Sun Feb 18 09:19:30 CST 2007

Hi, everyone!  We are making final plans to welcome all of you at JV/Novice Nationals.  Everything is in order.  Well, almost everything.  As many of you know, I had surgery for early stage lung cancer in June of 2005.  All has been well until recently.  A recent scan raised significant concerns, as did further tests.  I will be having a definitive biopsy (through an invasive procedure that may require an overnight hospital stay) on Monday, February 26 (just 4 days before you arrive in Morgantown).  Depending upon results and recovery, I may or may not be able to attend the tournament.  Normally, I would have waited for definitive word to let my friends in the debate community know about this, but the unfortunate timing causes me to post now.

WVU debaters and coaches have pitched in to ensure that the tournament will run seamlessly, and I'm finalizing arrangements for a competent and neutral tab room if I am unable to attend.  It would be a huge help, however, if everyone could get their entries in by this Friday, February 23, at the latest.  We'll be able to handle late changes, but having the bulk of the work done would be hugely helpful.

Thanks in advance for you assistance and kind wishes.  I'm still hoping that things work out and I'm able to attend with a clean bill of health, but the WVU debate team looks forward to welcoming all of you.--Neil
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