[eDebate] JV and Novice Entries - District VII at Mary Washington

Hall, Michael P. Debate mphall
Tue Feb 20 11:12:29 CST 2007

If you plan on entering, please send me your entry by 5:00pm tomorrow.
If we do not receive more entries in both divisions, we'll have to
collapse to a single division. 

JV - 7 teams 


Paqueo and Penchalapuda--JV--GMU

Tessa Holkesuick & Nick Wilkerson-JV-GWU

Dan White & Katie Northey-JV-Liberty 

Jeremiah Diacogiannis & Joshua Turnage-JV-Liberty 

Josh Melder & Grace Woodson-JV-Liberty 

Eddie Fitzgerald & Chandler Smith-JV-Liberty 

Felmming Schneider & Callie Dowdy-JV-Richmond 


Novice - 5 teams


Heather Morrell & Ed Miller-Novice-Clarion 

Clagett and Jefferies--Novice--GMU

Cassandra Carlton & Amanda Gardner-Novice-Mary Washington 

Kacie Shantz & Farrah Tek-Novice-Mary Washington

Tom Marvit & Sarah Banducci-Novice-Pittsburgh 


Michael P. Hall

Acting Director of Debate

Liberty University

Lynchburg, VA 24502


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