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Matt Grindy mattgrindy
Tue Feb 20 11:38:53 CST 2007

Debate Community,
I am pleased to announce that the Florida State University Department of Communication has two graduate teaching/debate coach assistantships for Fall 2007. A debate assistantship includes a full tuition waiver plus a stipend. FSU offers several different graduate degrees in communication, including Speech Communication (Rhetoric), Mass Communication, Interactive and New Communication Technologies, Hispanic Marketing Communication, and more. For additional information about admissions and the department, please visit the website: http://www.comm.fsu.edu/. Here are some unique reasons to consider FSU:
-The Team!: Part of my mission as director is to make debate accessible to debaters at all levels- Varsity, JV, and Novice. If it?s your preference to work with a particular experience level, I?ll help make that happen. You?ll have the opportunity to coach a hard-working group of debaters, including several that will be making the transition from Novice into JV/Open. 
-D6 Love: You?ll be part of District 6?by far one of the nicest groups of directors, debaters, and coaches that you?ll ever encounter. 
-Big Fish in a Little Sea: As an assistant debate coach in our communication department, you?ll certainly shine and attract the attention of faculty always looking for outstanding graduate students to collaborate with and mentor. 
-Career Builder: Even if a debate assistantship is just a stepping stone for a non-debate career path, you should consider the FSU program. The department works hard at developing professionals that will work outside of academia, and connects students with lucrative jobs and internships.
-Manageable Travel Schedule: Alas, one ?benefit? of not being a part of the wealthiest team in the nation is that we attend a limited number of tournaments?a nice perk if you?re a graduate student conducting research, writing papers, and attending academic conferences. We typically attend 8-9 (mostly regional) tournaments per season and divide the traveling between the 3-person coaching staff.
-Cutting Edge Research: As a Research 1 University, FSU Profs are at the forefront of innovative research in the communication discipline. For a list of faculty members and their CVs, check out: http://www.comm.fsu.edu/Faculty/index.php
-Tally-Town: As the Florida capital and home of 2 major universities, Tallahassee is an enjoyable place to live. The capital provides many opportunities, such as activism, work on political campaigns, and more. The college population means a fun bar scene, endless sporting events, and more. If you?re an outdoor enthusiast, this is your place?lots of hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, camping, and the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches are about an hour away. Plus, the cost of living is relatively affordable in Tally?you?ll still have money for good times after you?ve made the rent payment.
-Late Application Deadline: If you?ve been putting off those graduate school applications, there is hope for you at FSU. The department began reviewing applications on Feb. 1, but continues to accept applications on a rolling basis until July 1.  Of course, the sooner you contact me and apply, the better. 
If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact me at mag04m at fsu.edu or mattgrindy at yahoo.com .
Matt Grindy
FSU Director of Debate & Doctoral Candidate

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