[eDebate] Heart of America Results

Phillip Samuels iriamenzo
Tue Feb 20 21:06:10 CST 2007

Open Semis Finals
St. Marks defeats Missouri State JP on a 3-0
UNI BP defeats KU TS on a 3-0

UNI BP defeats St. Marks on a 2-1 Petit, Winfrey, Harris*

JV Semi Finals
KCK RM defeats KSU AF on a 3-0
WSU WS defeats KCK MP on a 3-0

WSU WS defeats KCK RM on a 3-0 Palczewski, Green, Snider

Novice Finals

KSU CW defeats KCK on a 3-0 Stone, Doris, Overstreet

Speaker Awards

1.	Cummings (KSU)
2.	Woods (KSU)
3.	Jalloh (UNI)
1.	Montee (KCK)
2.	Farmer (KSU)
3.	Ahmadullah (KSU)
4.	Wiens (WSU)
5.	French (UMKC)
1.	Darren ?Chief? Elliot (KCKWSUESUALUMCOACH)
2.	Mahoney (St. Marks)
3.	Johnson (KU)
4.	Kloster (St. Marks)
5.	Case (NWO)
Congrats to all the winners and thanks for coming out?KU Debate

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