[eDebate] Updated Call for Papers -- CEDA Summer Business Meeting

Joe Patrice joepatrice
Wed Feb 21 11:14:46 CST 2007

The following is a repost of my earlier call with some edits and new
information --

The CEDA Summer Business Meeting will take place from May 19 to May 21 at
James Madison University (note that my last post contained the incorrect
dates for the meeting -- the correct dates are May 19-21).  While a full
agenda has not yet been prepared, we would like to organize this meeting
differently than past meetings, committing a day or a day and a half to
discuss key issues, guided by specific panels featuring papers prepared by
members of the community.

We would like to organize these discussions around the theme of Program
Sustainability and Growth.  We would like to put together 3-4 panels.  Under
the umbrella of the topic, three areas of discussion that we would
particularly be interested in reading about are: Tournaments -- geographic
distribution/travel burden effect on programs, coordinating scheduling;
Outreach -- do these groups know us and is there something they want to hear
from us: universities, high school students, the media; Coaching (why are we
losing coaches, how can we get more of them, are there resources they need,
etc.).  We also invite papers on other topics related to the theme and if
selected we may incorporate these into a miscellaneous panel.  Additionally,
selected papers will be published by CEDA as "white papers" on the CEDA

Who Should Submit:

Directors, students, anyone in between.  Our hope would be that we could
hear from multiple perspectives on these issues.

What to Submit:

While we do not want to limit the scope of submissions, in preparing these
panels we will be looking primarily for works that could help guide the
discussion of the assembled meeting, and any viewers of the webcast.  We
only require an abstract by the deadline provided below.

When to Submit:

The deadline for full consideration is March 26, 2007. If you submit a paper
or an abstract to me at this email address by this date, I will get back to
you within two weeks.
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