[eDebate] CEDA East regionals Round 6 Pairings

Claire McKinney clairecmckinney
Sat Feb 24 20:44:26 CST 2007

Round starts at 8 AM
Partial Octos in both divisions immediately after
"LT" stands for L. Thomas Building
Judges:  We had to exceed three of your commitments. If this is you 
(Montano, Kukk, and Tarsi), this is in return for releasing you from judging 
in the first outround. If you have a problem with this, PLEASE email me 

Aff Neg Room Judge
Bard GS CUNY LW Dyson 110 Ousayeff
Binghamton TW Cornell KP Dyson 145 Miralem
Cornell AS Marist DT LT 125 Marty
Cornell BC Rochester BD Dyson 133 Kukk
NYU AO Rochester CY Dyson 113 Boggs
Rochester GM West Con FS Dyson 146 Patrice
Rochester MY West Va DS LT 208 Leeson
Rochester NR West Con AM Dyson 227 Kimerer
Army DJ Vermont MT LT 201 McDaniel
Army LR West Con DL Dyson 206 Lockwood
Amherst CR Rochester HH LT 206 Montano
Vermont FR Boston C CO LT 123 Keenan


Bard HR Rochester BS Dyson 214 Stiffney
Binghamton BP CUNY OP Dyson 213 Vanyukov
Binghamton CO Boston C MM Dyson 210 Scrocca
Dartmouth BW Army QW Dyson 226 Katsulas
Army CD West VA GS Dyson 229 Thomas
Vermont GT Army HK Dyson 212 Adarkwa
West VA CR Vermont JL Dyson 218 Tarsi
West Va SS Amherst BD Dyson 209 Kinokeo-Goes
West Con DM: BYE

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