[eDebate] D5 Results

William J Repko repkowil
Sun Feb 25 15:25:23 CST 2007

Results from the NDT Qualifier in (lovely) East Lansing: 

1st -- Michigan FK        (Adam Farra & Dylan Keenan)        8-0, 21 ballots
2nd -- MSU LR   (Debbie Lai & Varsha Catherine Ramakrishnan) 7-1, 20 ballots
3rd -- MSU DR             (Jimi Durkee & Andrea Reed)        7-1, 19 ballots
4th -- Miami MV           (Michael Maffie & Aaron Vinson)    5-3, 17 ballots
5th -- Wayne State GR  (Fromage Greenwalt & David Rancillio) 4-4, 12 ballots 

1st Alternate: 

Miami GY (Ilya Galperin & Matt Young) 4-4, 12 ballots -- missed on points (3 
total pts to be precise). 

Special Recognition: 

(could not clear b/c only 2 teams can clear through districts) 

Michigan State AB (Garrett Abelkop & Amit Bindra)  6-2, 17 ballots
In closing, I'd like to acknowledge the efforts of: 

1. Steve Mancuso, our ongoing District Chair. He makes things go.
2. Greta Stahl. One could *say* that "MSU hosted Districts". It would be 
slightly more accurate to say "Greta made the whole thing work well". 

... thank you both... Your hard work is appreciated. 



P.S. -- her middle name *actually* is Catherine. 

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