[eDebate] debate quality low

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Mon Feb 26 11:23:21 CST 2007

that's the word on the street.   evidentiary analysis is in the toilet in big time NDT blip wars.   the most compelling aspects of competitive debate lost in sea of planet "dabait" search for more and more cards with spicier tag lines to fill in the intellectual void below the tournament surface.   debate theory got PIC'ed and ain't any add-on despite how many you are prepared to read or even sell that solve this basic community creativity problema.

the proposition has been made that the death of public theoretical discussion is directly linked to the abstract nature of the competitive process delinked from advocacy and the democratic requirements of the public sphere.  a big "i don't care" attitude dominoes into the cynical dismissal of the importance of self-reflexive critical theorization.   this check mate was guaranteed through the retreat of kritical theory into the competitive space where it eventually floundered into a quiet "dud".   

the competitive focus is the main place where creative theory about the activity needs to happen but all of the cows are out to pasture with their adamant entrenchment of a bad idea.   public debate is thousands of years older than scholastic competitive debate and will outlive it.

no matter how big your budget is or how prosperous your website, you just can't buy theoretical ingenuity or any process that might experimentally open a situation conducive to theoretical ingenuity.   the priorites of the community are fucking them in the ass and ede warner's departure was a big signal.

the community no longer judges itself based on its contribution but whether or not it survives and makes it to the next salary year.  the bureaucratic machine of mediocrity thunders on...
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