[eDebate] Julia Burke Award for ADA debate- Last Call for Nominations

bratt at capitol-debate.com bratt
Mon Feb 26 11:22:55 CST 2007

Thank you to the community for nominations received so far.  The
deadline for submitting nominations for the Award is Tuesday, February
27th.  The award will be presented at the Awards Ceremony at the ADA
Nationals at Liberty University.

The nomination form can be found at:


Past recipients of the award are Shawntia Diggs 2006, Carly Woods 2005,
Andrew Barnes 2004, and Liz Wiley 2003.

The American Debate Association in conjunction with The Julia Burke
Foundation had established "The Julia Burke Award" to recognize the
American Debate Association college policy debater who most closely
upholds the combination of characteristics that Julia Burke displayed
in her love for the activity. These qualities include excellence in and
passion for debate, a commitment to helping others, love and respect for
the American Debate Association policy debate community and dedication
to maintaining friendships despite the pressures of competition. This
award is presented annually at the American Debate Association National
Championship Award Ceremony. The award includes an individual trophy and
a $1,000 donation to the charity chosen by the award recipient.

Please take the time to honor one of your debaters for their

Thank you,

Ron Bratt

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