[eDebate] Notes from the “Tab Staff” – WVU Update #1

Daniel Overbey dan.debate
Mon Feb 26 11:39:32 CST 2007

Notes from the "Tab Staff" ? WVU Update #1

Mark and I are looking forward to coming out of debate retirement to spend a
weekend in Morgantown.  The two of us working together is a
good-news/bad-news kind of thing for all of the tournament attendees.  The
good news is we can guide you around Morgantown decently well, and we have a
some experience herding cats.  The bad news is that even on our best of
days, we are not as friendly as Neil, despite his best efforts to
recalibrate us.  This is much more a testament to the fact that Neil is an
amazingly amicable person than a declaration that Mark and I are difficult
to get along with.  But seriously, we look forward to a weekend of seeing
some old friends and meeting some new ones.

That said, there are a few announcements:

   1. If you have your teams entered, but no judges, PLEASE ENTER YOUR
   JUDGES.  We want to activate preferences shortly, but we can't do it
   until everyone enters their judges.
   2. We NEED judges.  We are not really "short" now, but we have people
   in the pool that we would rather have helping out with other tournament
   duties.  As a result, we could use some volunteers to add a round to
   their commitments or sell some rounds to the people who are still looking
   for judging.  The more rounds of flexibility we have, the better your
   preferences will be.  Honest.
   3. We have added some WVU alums to the list, and the likelihood of
   those folks judging is expressed in the commitment they are entered for.
   If someone is entered for 7 rounds, they are judging, ALOT.  If their
   rounds of commitment are less than 7, they are somewhat tentative.  If
   the number is 1, then that person is decidedly unlikely to judge.  The
   Tab Staff is entered at 1, meaning we are not planning on judging but the
   possibility exists, if the Earth begins to spin out of orbit.  As the
   likelihood of people judging becomes more clear I will let people know (and
   change their commitments to be somewhat close to accurate).
   4. If you had committed yourself to 8 rounds, I have changed it to 7.
   As much as I love to milk rounds out of people, I can't find a way to
   get 8 rounds out of people in a 7 round tournament.
   5. If your school is short rounds, and you have people who are not
   fully committed, we WILL increase your commitment rather than take your
   money.  There are a couple instances of this in the current entry.  If
   you have a predisposition on WHO in your party gets tagged for the extra
   rounds, please fix your entry to cover your commitment.  Alternatively,
   cover your rounds some other way.
   6. Ignore Chief's two-round commitment when doing prefs, he is about
   as likely to judge a round this weekend as Mark and I are.
   7. We will try to activate prefs late today, if people finalize their
   judging entries.  When we do, I will post another update.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday in Morgantown,

Dan Overbey
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