[eDebate] WVU Tournament/Please Read

Darren Elliott delliott
Tue Feb 27 01:45:21 CST 2007


If you are coming to the WVU Tournament this weekend please do 2 things
to make the tournament run more efficiently and help everyone in

1.  If you have extra rounds you can donate to the tournament please do
so.  It will help everyone's prefs and it's a free tournament afterall. 
We at KCKCC are providing 24 rounds of judging instead of the 12 we are
committed to.  I am happy to pay what would normally be an entry fee to
a couple extra judges who can use the money.  OUr van will be more
crowded but worth it I believe! : )  I encourage others of you to do the
same if you can.  

2.  Please, please, please if you have a known judging conflict, make
sure your Director enters it in the Bruschke site.  You can also email
one of us to make sure it is entered.  For a tournament this large it is
much more difficult to fix the problem after a judge is assigned.  Help
us out by doing it ahead of time.  If you have coached a debater coming
to the tournament, debated with a debater coming to the tournament, been
at the school recently as a debater or coach, plan to be hired to coach
at the school next year, have had a relationship with a debater coming
to the tournament, etc. etc. please conflict yourself from them.  

Thanks for all of your help in these matters.  We look forward to seeing
you all in lovely Morgantown in a few days.  If you have questions
please feel free to ask.

Safe travels,

Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC

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