[eDebate] Notes from the "Tab Staff" – WVU Update #2

Daniel Overbey dan.debate
Tue Feb 27 08:16:26 CST 2007

Notes from the "Tab Staff" ? WVU Update #2

As these go along, I will be more concise, saving niceties for Morgantown:

   1. Thank you, Chief, for covering some additional judging.  If others
   do this, the job of the tab staff will be easier, and the quality of the
   preferences will increase.
   2. Judging commitment, to clarify what debateresults.com is telling
   you, is NOT 4 rounds per team, rather it is 3.5 per team, in even
   numbers, if you have an odd number, round up.  For example:

?      1 team = 4 rounds

?      2 teams = 7

?      3 teams = 11

?      4 teams = 14

?      5 teams = 18

?      6 teams = 21

?      7 teams = 25

?      8 teams = 28

Debate results will tell you that you are under-covered for your judging,
but if you meet the commitments above, you are fine.

   1. Preferences have been activated, despite the fact that we are
   missing judge entries from at least 1 school.  Because of the
   generosity of some folks we are OK on judging without those entries, and
   will make any amendments that we need to later.  Please assign judges
   based on the following number of judges per category:

?      Category 1: 23

?      Category 2: 22

?      Category 3: 13

?      Category 4: 13

?      Category 5: 9

?      Category 6: 9

   1. Entries are not closed yet, to allow people to alter their
   commitments if they so choose, and accommodate late changes.  This
   will change at 5pm EST tomorrow, when we will close the online entries.
   At that point, email changes to either schaeferwvu at prodigy.net or
   dan.debate at gmail.com.
   2. Remember to update conflicts.  I despise learning about conflicts
   because they are on the pairings.  Besides, people should strive to
   minimize my work this weekend, not maximize it.
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