[eDebate] Notes from the "Tab Staff" - WVU Update #3

Daniel Overbey dan.debate
Wed Feb 28 20:53:15 CST 2007

Notes from the "Tab Staff" - WVU Update #3

1.  As most of you know, debateresults has been under maintenence most of
today.  As a result, I am going to leave entries open until noon tomorrow.
If you have emailed me changes, please try to make them in the morning, but
I will double check to see that they have been made.

2.  Judge Prefs:  My numbers weren't that good to begin with, and they are
obsolete now because of changes (and the fact that there are more judges in
the novice pool than the JV pool).  Because I am not 100% sure what the
judge numbers look like right now, use the follow PERCENTAGES of the total
pool to guide your preference selection:
Category 1: 25%
Category 2: 25%
Category 3: 15%
Category 4: 15%
Category 5: 10%
Category 6: 10% (Maximum)
You can round anyway that works for you, and if there is a problem we will
address it tomorrow/Friday.
For counting purposes, please count your constraints as a five.

That is all I can think of now, though there will be more later.

Thank you,
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