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 Jarrod, I knew when you were in my lab all summer your senior year that someday you'd get a PhD and take Frank Harrison's job. Congrats, seriously. Let me know if I can help. Steve
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  I am pleased to announce that, beginning next Fall, Dr. Jarrod Atkison will 
assume the responsibilities of Director of Forensics at Trinity University.
As most of you know, Jarrod was a very successful debater for Wake Forest, and 
has just been awarded the Ph.D. degree in Speech Communication from the 
University of Georgia. I am sure I speak for all Trinity debaters when I say 
that we respected him as an opponent and admired him as a judge, win or loose, 
in all of the opportunities we have had to be associated with him.
Please join with me and the Trinity University Department of Speech & Drama in 
congratulating Jarrod on his appointment and wishing him the very best as he 
continues, and, I am confident, greatly enlarges upon the success and tradition 
of Trinity Debate.
Frank Harrison
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