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I wanted to add a couple of possible topics to Dave's list. I didn't him before posting, but I'm guessing it would still be better than anyone expressing interest email him (dave at miami.edu), just to keep everything in the same place. 
Can programs with only a few active researchers remain competitive in the heart of the topic? If so, how?
Should CEDA promote debate participation from universities than have no coach/program/travel budget? If so, what sort of support is appropriate?
Should CEDA encourage and/or facilitate the public pooling and sharing of evidence?
Exclusionary practices in debate (if you run, or are inclined to run, a case focusing on there, this could be an additional forum)
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Debate Coaches Predict the 2008 Presidential Debates.



Should CEDA revisit Mutual Preferred Judging?



The Debate Program and Accountability within the Academic Unit



Should CEDA Promote Regional and Multi-Division Debate?  How?



Intercollegiate Debate and The Law: A Look back at the 2006-07 CEDA Resolution.





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