[eDebate] Congrats OU!

Martin Harris mharris02
Fri Feb 16 00:06:37 CST 2007

>Has Anyone won Harvard, Wake, & Northwestern in the same year?
>They have now. (or again)

Not that winning a major tournament, much less three, is not an accomplishment, but is there any significance to this group of three other than it was done by OU? I mean, last year Harvard KM (ineligible for the winning Harvard distinction) won USC, Fullerton, and Wake; Michigan BH won GSU, Texas, and the NDT. Year before that Klinger/Tarloff (can't win Harvard) won Fullerton, USC, Cap Cities, Kentucky, and NWU; Northwestern Branson/Morales (couldn't compete at NWU but otherwise won Wake and Harvard) won GSU, Harvard, Wake, and WGa. Year before that Singh/Shalmon almost did it losing in semis at Harvard but otherwise winning NWU, Gonzaga, Kentucky, Wake, and WGa.

Just curious about the seeming casting of this as one for the ages.
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