[eDebate] how does one go about running for topic cmte

Jeffrey.Jarman Jeffrey.Jarman
Sun Feb 18 12:01:05 CST 2007

You could hold one of several positions:

The ADA and the NDT each have a rep on the committee--i'm not sure about their 

The rest of the committee includes the CEDA Pres, VP & 2nd VP along with 3 at 
large positions each 
elected to staggered 3 year terms.  Those positions must be nominated by the 
close of the CEDA 
business meeting at NCA.  We are currently balloting those positions.  Sue 
Peterson (Pepperdine) and 
Greta Stahl (Micchigan State) were nominated.  Gordon Stables (USC) ran 
unopposed for the CEDA 2nd 

One student member serves.


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