[eDebate] [CEDA-L] Topic Process Reminder - 10 days until area/controversypaper deadline

Gordon Stables stables
Tue Feb 20 15:55:23 CST 2007

Jim's insights are always very much appreciated.

I would note two details that folks should consider.

1) Any amendments to the CEDA topic process require amending CEDA's 
rules. The current rules specify a number of deadlines that the 
committee uses. Any such change to this process must come from the 
membership and be approved as with any legislative reform. This is not 
an item the topic committee can address directly. I would just ask that 
legislative reforms of this nature consider the whole process, including 
the sequencing of summer meetings, announce date, etc. The committee 
must work within the procedures established by the CEDA membership so a 
clear system is essential.

2) We have moved this year to provide additional guidance in the first 
balloting. The introduction of the concept of controversy papers and the 
effort to phase out 'area' papers is a reflection that schools should 
have some greater sense of what these potential topics included. I would 
not say that we are mandating specific resolutions, as Jim suggests, but 
we are looking for factors (like directionality and type of reforms) 
that would be common to resolutions in that paper. The basic approach is 
we had a lot of confusion as to what 'China' meant, but we would have 
less confusion if the first ballot addressed 'reducing US trade deficit 
with China.' The later is still too vague to be a final resolution, but 
it provides additional insight to voters as they consider their options.

I have tried to explain this in the public meetings and on the topic 
site. If you would like further clarification, please review the new 
guidelines for controversy papers at the topic site. Specifically, those 
guidelines are linked at  http://www.cedatopic.com/controversy.html


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Jim Hanson wrote:

>I encourage people to comment and be involved in this process.
>I also want to take this opportunity to reiterate my support for changing 
>the process of selecting topics to:
>1. have topic areas/analysis handled immediately after the ndt when people 
>are ready to start really thinking about the next year's topics.
>2. have resolutions included in the topic areas when we do our first vote. 
>topic areas are just too broad and a good topic area can be ruined by the 
>resolutions that are actually chosen.
>jim :)
>hansonjb at whitman.edu
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>Greetings all. This is very busy time of year for everyone, but there is
>still enough time to organize and submit work for a paper that can help
>craft next year's topic. The deadline for submissions is March 1. Paper
>on any subject is welcome and there are guidelines available to help
>organize your work.
>http://www.cedatopic.com/   Has the list of areas currently under
>development, the guidelines for paper submission and the topic blog,
>where you can leave comments about potential topics.
>If you have any questions, please let me know.
>Gordon Stables
>Chair - CEDA Topic Selection Committee

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