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Just wanted to throw out a big congrats to Tim Mahoney and Mike 
Kloster, a couple of old timers making it to finals and taking home 
second and fourth speaker.  Now it's one thing to come in and debate 
against other retired debaters when you've been out of competition for 
years but to come in to a college tournament with no 
tournaments/debates on the topic and to do as well as they did is 
remarkable.  Adding to this is the fact that neither is particularly 
involved in college debate right now so to get files ready for one 
tournament....wow.  Great job Tim.  Great job Klos.  Maybe you guys can 
get an exemption and come to CEDA Nats :)  Pace Debate lives!


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  Open Semis Finals
 St. Marks defeats Missouri State JP on a 3-0
 UNI BP defeats KU TS on a 3-0

 UNI BP defeats St. Marks on a 2-1 Petit, Winfrey, Harris*

 JV Semi Finals
 KCK RM defeats KSU AF on a 3-0
 WSU WS defeats KCK MP on a 3-0

 WSU WS defeats KCK RM on a 3-0 Palczewski, Green, Snider

 Novice Finals

 KSU CW defeats KCK on a 3-0 Stone, Doris, Overstreet

 Speaker Awards

 1. Cummings (KSU)
 2. Woods (KSU)
 3. Jalloh (UNI)
 1. Montee (KCK)
 2. Farmer (KSU)
 3. Ahmadullah (KSU)
 4. Wiens (WSU)
 5. French (UMKC)
 1. Darren ?Chief? Elliot (KCKWSUESUALUMCOACH)
 2. Mahoney (St. Marks)
 3. Johnson (KU)
 4. Kloster (St. Marks)
 5. Case (NWO)
 Congrats to all the winners and thanks for coming out?KU Debate

  The average US Credit Score is 675. The cost to see yours: $0 by 

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