[eDebate] WVU JV/Novice Nats update

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Feb 22 21:00:52 CST 2007

I might have a BCCC/Morgan team in jv...ill cover their judging, im not sure
yet though can you put a spot in for them....neither have debate  results
accounts and i dont want to create them right now. Also has hopkins entered?

On 2/22/07, NEIL BERCH <berchnorto at msn.com> wrote:
>  Again, due to my circumstances, it would be hugely helpful to our
> debaters and assistant coaches if folks could get their entries in by
> tomorrow.  We're at 55 in JV, 43 in Novice, and still expecting large
> entries from Rochester, Liberty, Cornell, and the NY Coalition.  Others?
> If you've got questions, you can email me through Sunday.  After that,
> please contact either Josh Boggs (jkboggs2000 at yahoo.com) or Samantha
> Godbey (samyi04 at yahoo.com) with logistical questions.  Entries will stay
> open until Wednesday.  Prefs will open on Wednesday or Thursday (look for
> edebate announcements).
> WVU alums Daniel Overbey and Dr. Mark Schaefer have agreed to tab the
> tournament.  Late changes (after entries are closed) should go to Mark
> Schaefer at schaeferwvu at prodigy.net or 304-444-6809.  Darren "Chief"
> Elliott has agreed to withdraw from his one or two round commitment and
> serve as Honorary Tournament Director (he will have no role in tabbing).
> Tuna Snider and a host of others have also offered to help out.  You will be
> in good hands.
> I will be completely out of communication on Monday and Tuesday; I hope to
> be lurking via email after that (depending upon results).
> Three other things:
> 1.  Please check your entries.
> 2.  You cannot judge 8 rounds; there are only 7.  Please correct that.
> 3.  Please support our FREE tournament (and the people who are stepping up
> to make this happen) by donating an extra round or two.  You'll get better
> preferences, and you'll make life so much easier for the volunteer tab room
> staff.
> Thanks so much; the Mountaineers look forward to hosting you.--Neil
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