[eDebate] WVU JV/Novice Nats update

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Thu Feb 22 21:21:17 CST 2007

One last thing:  Please check your judge conflict info on the Bruschke page.  Dan and Mark have both been out of debate for a couple of years; there's no reason to expect that they will know your obvious conflicts.  Thanks!
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  Again, due to my circumstances, it would be hugely helpful to our debaters and assistant coaches if folks could get their entries in by tomorrow.  We're at 55 in JV, 43 in Novice, and still expecting large entries from Rochester, Liberty, Cornell, and the NY Coalition.  Others?

  If you've got questions, you can email me through Sunday.  After that, please contact either Josh Boggs (jkboggs2000 at yahoo.com<mailto:jkboggs2000 at yahoo.com>) or Samantha Godbey (samyi04 at yahoo.com<mailto:samyi04 at yahoo.com>) with logistical questions.  Entries will stay open until Wednesday.  Prefs will open on Wednesday or Thursday (look for edebate announcements).

  WVU alums Daniel Overbey and Dr. Mark Schaefer have agreed to tab the tournament.  Late changes (after entries are closed) should go to Mark Schaefer at schaeferwvu at prodigy.net<mailto:schaeferwvu at prodigy.net> or 304-444-6809.  Darren "Chief" Elliott has agreed to withdraw from his one or two round commitment and serve as Honorary Tournament Director (he will have no role in tabbing).  Tuna Snider and a host of others have also offered to help out.  You will be in good hands.

  I will be completely out of communication on Monday and Tuesday; I hope to be lurking via email after that (depending upon results).

  Three other things:
  1.  Please check your entries.
  2.  You cannot judge 8 rounds; there are only 7.  Please correct that.
  3.  Please support our FREE tournament (and the people who are stepping up to make this happen) by donating an extra round or two.  You'll get better preferences, and you'll make life so much easier for the volunteer tab room staff.

  Thanks so much; the Mountaineers look forward to hosting you.--Neil
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