[eDebate] UNT Round 1

Brian Lain blain
Mon Jan 1 22:27:40 CST 2007

There were a couple of changes.  I think we notified everyone, but just in case, this is the correct schedule so far as I know. 

William Demougeot Debates at Unt -- Open
North Texas (univ. o
1/2/2007 through 1/4/2007


Bard College SW          Kansas (univ. Of) QW     Lang 222         Ellsworth, Seth  
Baylor JO                Kansas (univ. Of) KP     Lang 211         Kirk, Justin     
Baylor LT                Kansas State SZ          Lang 302         Register, David                        
Central Oklahoma  CH     Baylor BL                Lang 201         Hines, John      
Dartmouth AL             Rochester CK             Lang 314         Congdon, Kelly   
Dartmouth BW             Wyoming BN               Lang 217         Mahoney, Tim     
Kansas State HW          Missouri-kansas City FG  Lang 218         Taylor, James    
Kansas State TT          Wake Forest CW           Lang 209         Strange, Ken     
Missouri-kansas City FJ  Macalester HW            Lang 212         Munksgaard, Jane 
Oklahoma BM              West Virginia GS         Lang 310         Shook, Lindsey   
Oklahoma CJ              Iowa GV                  Lang 202         Slusher, Eric    
Richmond (univ. Of R EW  Iowa BD                  Lang 210         Cram Helwich, Da 
Richmond (univ. Of R LS  Wyoming CJ               Lang 311         Bostick, Matthew 
Texas-dallas RS          Rochester BM             Lang 309         Westmoreland, Jo 
U.S. Naval Academy JS    Georgetown GH            Lang 223         Warner, Ben      
U.S. Naval Academy SW    Vermont HL               Lang 313         Massey, Jackie   
Vermont GR               Kansas (univ. Of) JL     Lang 214         Matheson, Calum  
Vermont HN               Kansas (univ. Of) NS     Lang 304         Davis, James     
Vermont KK               Oklahoma EY              Lang 301         Varghese, Sherin 
Weber State Univ. CD     Macalester CJ            Lang 312         Archer, Max      
West Virginia OZ         Rochester MW             Lang 315         Severson, Brian  
West Virginia RS         Central Oklahoma KS      Lang 204         Flinn, Skippy    
Wichita State CS         Kansas (univ. Of) ST     Lang 216         Herndon, Scott   
Wichita State RS         Wyoming BJ               Lang 219         Girouard, Mike   
Wyoming BP               U.S. Naval Academy AH    Lang 215         Varda, Scott     
Baylor MR- Bye

William Demougeot Debates at Unt -- Junior
North Texas (univ. o
1/2/2007 through 1/4/2007


Baylor JL                Rochester DN             Lang 114         Shah, Nehal      
Central Oklahoma AM      Richmond (univ. Of R FS  Lang 402         Baxter-kauf, Mik 
Central Oklahoma BF      Oklahoma HN              CURY 204         Miller, Gordie   
Kansas (univ. Of) JS     Central Oklahoma HM      Lang 113         Davis, Stephen   
Kansas City Kansas C BT  Oklahoma DZ              Lang 318         Boggs, Joshua    
Kansas State AF          Oklahoma JS              Lang 317         Johnson, Ken     
Oklahoma CF              Missouri-kansas City MM  Lang 322         Myres, Jason     
Oklahoma KB              Johnson County PW        Lang 104         Gagnon, Julian   
Rochester BC             Kansas City Kansas C MR  Lang 323         Clark, Britt     
Rochester DG             Kansas State BH          Lang 316         Roberts, Jeff    
Texas-dallas BW          Emporia State  FT        Lang 319         Stromski, Justin 

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