[eDebate] High school tournament seeking hired judges

Carol Green carolg
Wed Jan 3 10:20:03 CST 2007

Hello from the high school world! The Harker School is in need of debate
critics for our upcoming NCFL qualifier tournament. We will pay you very
well (please email indicating interest and we can discuss this further with
you) and if needed can put you up Saturday night in a local hotel.

The tournament is in the lovely Sacramento, California on January 20 (four
prelim rounds) and Sunday are the elim rounds. We may also need you for
individual events and will pay accordingly if agreed.

Please contact me at carolg at harker.org (or hit reply to this email). We need
to put in check requests as soon as possible to ensure we can pay you at the
tournament (none of this mail checks business) so reply quickly!

Carol M. Green
Communication Studies Department
The Harker School
500 Saratoga Avenue
San Jose, CA 95129
408-345-9655 (office)
carolg at harker.org

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