[eDebate] Huber Debates at Vermont

Alfred Snider alfred.snider
Wed Jan 3 15:25:37 CST 2007

Entry is now open at http://commweb.fullerton.edu/jbruschke/web/

Hotel is the Windjammer Best Western
Doug McSweeney is the person to ask for.
UVM Debate is the group
GROUP#: 404298
ARRIVAL DATE: January 26, 2007
DEPARTURE DATE: January 28, 2007

$75.00 2 Double Beds 30

Here is the invitation:

475 Main St., University of Vermont
Burlington, Vermont 05405-4225
802-656-0097 FAX 802-656-4275
Email: Alfred.snider at uvm.edu

The Lawrence Debate Union and the University of Vermont are proud to 
invite you to:

January 27-28 2007

Robert Huber coached debate at the University of Vermont for over 45 
years, winning several national titles. He invented the plan and was 
named one of NCA's outstanding members of the 20th century. He arranged 
for the endowment of the LDU and the Lawrence Professorship. We hold 
this tournament each year to salute his commitment to debate.
The tournament will feature six rounds of Cross Examination Debate 
Association/National Debate Tournament debating on the 2006-2007 
CEDA/NDT topic. There will be divisions of switch-side debating at the 
Varsity CEDA, Junior Varsity CEDA (students in their first two years of 
college debating), and Novice CEDA (CEDA definition of "novice") levels. 
There will be an appropriate number of elimination rounds. Time limits 
will be 9-3-6 with 10 minutes preparation time. We are asking that 
judges disclose their decisions and deliver an oral critique unless they 
would prefer not to. This is a request, not a command.
Fees will be $80 per team, but all teams over four will be charged only 
$50 each. There are VERY FEW hired judges available at $75 per team. 
Schools are expected to supply six rounds of qualified judging for every 
two teams entered or else they must hire judging. Unique and memorable 
awards will be presented to teams placing, the top speakers in each 
division, and the judge rated highest in mutual preference.
Prof. Snider will be using the computer program developed by Rich 
Edwards of Baylor University to pair the tournament. He will be assisted 
by Sam Nelson of Cornell University. Rounds Three, Four, Five and Six 
will be power-paired high-low within brackets. We will be using the 
mutual preferred judging system for judge assignment, where each team 
will rate judges as A, B, or C and then the computer will attempt to 
assign a judge with the highest mutual preference possible to each 
round. Mutual preference judge sheets must be turned in at the end of 
Round One in order to take effect in later rounds. We will use mutual 
preferences as soon as we can.
Schools who are financially strapped may apply for free dorm housing 
(warm and dry but not luxurious). Extra judging can always be swapped 
for fee reduction.
Email alfred.snider at uvm.edu. Prof. Snider will be in Europe until 13 
January 2007 but welcomes your entry.

January 27-28 2007

Friday, January 26 2007
Registration Call 802-238-8345 on arrival

Saturday, January 27 2007
7:00 AM Registration changes by phone (above #)
7:30 AM Beverages & Pastries
8:00 AM Round One
10:30 AM Round Two
12:30 PM Lunch Break ? food is served
1:30 PM Round Three
4:00 PM Round Four
6:30 PM Round Five

Sunday, January 28 2007
7:30 AM Beverages & Pastries
8 AM Round Six
11:00 AM First Elimination Debates
1:30 PM Lunch & Awards
2:30 PM CEDA East Meeting during elims
2:30 PM Elimination Debates
4:30 PM Elimination Debates
7:00 PM Elimination Debates

Best Western, 1076 Williston, South Burlington 802-863-1125. We will 
have a special rate and will announce it soon. The hotel has high speed 
Other fine spots, but there are no special rates. No promises.
Anchorage Inn, 108 Dorset, South Burlington 802-658-3351 (moderate)
Comfort Inn, 1285 Williston, Burlington 802-865-3400 (moderate)
Ho-Hum Motel, 1660 Williston, South Burlington 802-863-4551 (nifty)
Holiday Inn, 1068 Williston, South Burlington 802-863-6361 (typical)
Queen City, 428 Shelburne, South Burlington 802-864-4220 (moderate)
Ramada, 1117 Williston, South Burlington 802-658-0250 (typical)
Sheraton, 870 Williston, South Burlington 802-862-6576 (upscale)
Swiss Host, 1272 Williston, South Burlington 802-862-5734 (easy & clean)
If you would like to receive housing from us at no charge, you must ask 
early, tell us the male-female split, and bring towels and sleeping 
bags. We will try to do our best.
Burlington International Airport is served by United (through Chicago), 
USAir (through Pittsburgh), American (through NYC), Delta (through 
Boston), Continental, Jetblue and other major airlines. BUY TICKETS 
EARLY AND SAVE! The hotels and the campus are a short 8-10 minute cab 
ride from the airport. Taxis are waiting at the airport, but for special 
taxi needs (large groups, transport around the city) call Benway Taxi at 
802-862-1010. We will not be able to supply ground transportation this year.

Alfred C. Snider aka Tuna
Edwin Lawrence Professor of Forensics
University of Vermont
Huber House, 475 Main Street, UVM, Burlington, VT 05405 USA
Global Debate Blog http://debate.uvm.edu/debateblog/
Debate Training site http://debate.uvm.edu
World Debate Institute http://debate.uvm.edu/wdi/
GATEWAY TO ALL THINGS DEBATE http://debateoneworld.org
802-656-0097 office telephone
802-656-4275 office fax

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