[eDebate] West Georgia Tournament Update #1

Joe Koehle joe_koehle
Thu Jan 11 14:15:31 CST 2007

Please respond back to Sarah, not me.


We?re looking forward to hosting old and new friends next week in Carrollton. We?ll again be offering 8 rounds of debate and all the southern hospitality you can handle. This is the first of several emails to help with information and logistics. 
   Entry      ? we are closing in on our tournament limit so if you intend to register      or revise your entry please do so asap. This will also help us coordinate      catering and hospitality. When entering online on Bruschke?s site, leave      the division blank.
   Judging      ? Please enter your judging info asap. Please note ? we CANNOT OFFER HIRED      JUDGES through the tournament ? there just aren?t a bunch of debate judges      hanging around carrollton      ? go figure. This means you need to bring judges with you or start      contacting folks in the pool to beg debates off them. If you are in the      pool and like money you can also contact the tournament, we will likely be      happy to buy some extra rounds off of you to make things run as smoothly      as possible.
   Hotels      ? the tournament invite has the correct hotel info this year, but please      double check to be sure you?re staying at the holiday inn, etc in carrollton (not just      carroll county) unless you just like staying 20 minutes away out by the      highway. If you?re having any trouble making reservations in town contact      us and we?ll assist. 
   Awards      ? we?ll again be offering unique awards from Kathy Ho, purveyor of delicious      Chinese food and fine carved knives. If, like Brian Smith, you are worried      about flying with a knife/sword then just speak poorly at the tournament      or leave us with an address and we?ll be happy to ship to you.
   Hospitality      ? please be sure you?ve indicated veggies/vegans in your entry, we?re more      than happy to accommodate as long as we know you exist! 
  Ok, that?s it for now. Info on prefs and registration location to follow. Any and all questions, concerns, suggestions should be directed to Sarah Holbrook at sarp23 at hotmail.com. See y?all next week!
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