[eDebate] Early Navy Announcements

Danielle Verney daisy_verney
Thu Jan 11 16:55:53 CST 2007


A few announcements about the Navy Tournament:

1. The registration deadline is nearing!  We would really appreciate it if 
we had your entries by January 15.   Any additions or changes after that 
point can be emailed to me at verney at usna.edu .

2. We will be using mutually preferred judging in the Varsity division of 
the tournament this year.   In JV and novice, we will continue to use 
strikes.  Obviously, this means we would like to have at least a few surplus 
rounds.   If you are willing to judge past your commitment, we would pay 
$20/round.  We are also willing to hire and house judges in the area, so 
please contact me if you're interested.

3. Our parking situation is a little bit different this year.  
Unfortunately, we are happening at the same time as Admitted Students 
Weekend, so we can?t park on campus.  Debaters and evidence will be dropped 
off outside Gate 3 and then drivers can park vehicles outside of Gate 8.   
There will be shuttles running from Gate 8 to the tournament buildings.  
Gate 3 is extremely close to the buildings where debates will be occurring. 
We will have directions and maps available at registration.  The good news 
is, however, that you won?t have to send me any of your parking info this 

4. Registration has changed as well, to accommodate our parking situation.   
We will run registration from 12-2 pm at the Doubletree on Friday, as well 
as on Thursday night.  If you're going to be coming straight to campus, 
please call me Friday on my cell (202-374-7337) and check over your 
registration documents with me and get directions to Gate 3 and Gate 8.   In 
the event that I?m unreachable, you can call my husband Tom O?Gorman 

5. Several people have asked whether round 6 is going to be lag-paired off 
of round 4, and after consulting with our excellent tab room team of Rich 
Sampson and Tom O?Gorman, the answer is no.  Please feel free to email or 
call me with any other questions or concerns.

Very Respectfully,

Danielle Verney O?Gorman
Director of Debate
United States Naval Academy

Dave vs. Carl: The Insignificant Championship Series. ?Who will win? 

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