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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Jan 14 04:11:35 CST 2007

the framework args made for traditional debate good and all debates should
be about the topic are good arguments, but arguments that 1) do not specify
the ideological coonstarinst of current debate and do not justify the trend
in topics. 2) they entirely lack an effective praxis to bring about the
reality they wish for, they simply are not convincing enough people to stop
the spread of what they consider to be non topical alternatives.It is of
course true that many people are on the otherside of the the framework
debate from me, but many people are on my side too, and the traditional
debate good arguments need to control and convince many more of us than are
being convinced for them to be politicaly effective. If you really believ
that the slide must stop i suggest a change in startegy because the one
employed has won many battles but is losing the war.
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