[eDebate] peoples topic meetings.

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Jan 15 17:50:24 CST 2007

this summer we will get together in baltimore and work on a series of topics
for the coming season. we will bring high school, college debaters and
coaches as well as concerned citizens and prospective debaters. we will use
a consensus method of refining topics so that they frame educational fair
libratory debates. We will not exclude any perspective but will use the
committe procedure to help craft the most debateable topic possible we
encourage you to come to baltimore but better yet encourage you to have your
own meeting and your own proceedings in a more local way at a school near
you. We will open a wiki soon where topic ideas and justifications and
debates can go.

At least in in baltimore it will not be scheduled in opposition to the ceda
topic meeting.

More info to come
Thank you
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