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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Jan 16 10:37:16 CST 2007

thats one standard that seems fair for disclousre, my stance would be that
in the world in which you where coaching you should suggest that as a
standard and have justifications for why its good or best and have your
studnets ready to debate or defend it.. I beleive the community will
negotiate standards for fair disclosure and am not to interested in
dictating those specifics through the idea vetting process. I do think an
important part of this though is opening up other untested aspects of the
current process to in round scrutinty and as such i think there needs to be
a dialouge amongst the participants of the community to create norms of
fairness. Knowing of course that when those norms become to stifiling
constraining or opressive that people will break out of them and establish
different norms.

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