[eDebate] Baylor Tournament Update #1

Matt Gerber matt_gerber27
Tue Jan 16 12:13:43 CST 2007

Hi folks! The Bears are looking forward to hosting you all this 
weekend...here are a few updates concerning the tournament:

1) Weather: the outlook for the weekend is wet, but no more ice by about 
Thursday. Hopefully those flying in won't have any delays. It will still 
likely be chilly (40s), so dress warm.

2) Food: To help you all save on tournament costs, we will now be providing 
3 meals. Lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and dinner on Sunday evening 
(followed immediately by the awards and announcement of the clearing teams 
and judges for Monday).

3) Prefs- get your entries and judge commitments finalized. I will try and 
activate the prefs in the late afternoon on Thursday.

4) Registration- 7-9pm, poolside, at the tournament hotel (the Clarion).

If anyone has any questions or issues just give me a call or send me an 

That's all for now.....

Dr. Matt Gerber
Director of Forensics
Asst. Professor
Dept. of Communication Studies
Baylor University
matt_gerber at baylor.edu

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