[eDebate] Questions for the topic committee

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Jan 17 13:34:31 CST 2007


i would like to ask some discussion starting questions.

1) Why do you believe that the actor must be specifically the usfg or one of
its parts

2) Why are terms of art important

3) Why are hyperspecifc policy mechanisms chosen as the means to access
important social issues.

4)Does this years discussion of abortion, school segregation, the war on
terrorism, and vawa mean these topics are less likely to be permitted
discussion in the near future.

5.) What are the main educational goals you strive for in deciding if a
topic is good.

6) can't we just redo our topic process so that the president of planet
debate can decide what the topic is....its worked soooooo welll in hs
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