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Attached is the full invitation for the Second Year and Novice Policy and 
Lincoln Douglas National Championships at Woodward Academy. Please feel free to 
forward this to anyone that may be interested. Below is the cover letter with 
pertinent changes for this year.

?????? ?????? ?????? ????????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? January 17, 
Dear Director of Debate:

We invite your top second year and novice competitors to attend the 2007 
Second Year and Novice National Championships hosted by Woodward Academy on March 
23rd - March 25th. We are determined to continue our dedication to providing 
the highest quality of judging and an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. Given 
the nature of this tournament, we take great pride in aspiring for this event 
to be a competitive as well as teaching tournament. 

Here are some important notes and changes for this year's event:

- The tournament is a week earlier then its traditional slot. The NCAA 
Basketball Final Four is in Atlanta this year on our traditional weekend, which has 
skyrocketed hotel rates everywhere. To maintain our inexpensive hotel rates 
for the prestigious as the Hilton Atlanta Airport, we needed to move our weekend 
for this year. Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused. 

- Given this earlier date and how it interacts with our Spring Break, we have 
an EARLIER REGISTRATION DEADLINE OF MARCH 1st. Since all of our divisions 
tend to fill up anyways, you are strongly advised to register your teams as soon 
as possible anyway. We do not need names until March 13th.

- A schedule coordinated around the National Debate Coaches Association's 
annual convention. The convention will occur at the Hilton Atlanta Airport (the 
recommended tournament hotel) Friday afternoon, March 23rd. There will be LD 
and Policy sessions for both coaches and students. We are very excited about 
supporting this event and think it is a great fit with the unique educational and 
social aspects of the tournament.

- The LD topic will be the January/February topic-- Resolved: The actions of 
corporations ought to be held to the same moral standards as the actions of 
individuals. We choose the January/February topic from the many coach 
suggestions that this makes it easier for younger students to compete given the lack of 
opportunities for first and second year LD tournaments in March/April. 

-??? Six rounds of preliminary debates in all Divisions of Second Year 
and?Novice Policy and Lincoln Douglas.

- Team limits of four teams/competitors within each Division. We will 
establish a wait list if and when 72 teams are entered in a division. Schools can 
have more then four entries if we are fewer than 72 teams/competitors.

- Mandatory e-mail or phone-in registration on the Thursday before the 
tournament (to help the Friday schedule).

- The Novice Policy Division will not have argument restrictions. Given the 
national draw of this end of the year event, we do not require novices to 
observe the Georgia Forensics Coaches Association argument restrictions for Novice 

We offer four divisions of competition: Second Year Policy Debate, Novice 
Policy Debate and Second Year/Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate.? Each school may 
enter up to four teams/competitors in each division. We are committed to limiting 
each division to a maximum of 72 teams to maintain the integrity of the 
Octafinals. Specific eligibility criteria are included so please read them 
carefully before entering teams. Both policy divisions will use an 8-3-5, switch side 
format (there will be NO 4-PERSON DIVISION) and debate the 2006-07 resolution 
(National Service). The Lincoln-Douglas divisions will use the 
January-February NFL topic.

We hope everyone who applies to the tournament will be able to participate. 
But, we are serious about 72 team limits in both policy divisions. Please apply 
early to guarantee your teams every opportunity to attend.? Please return the 
Reserve Entry Form immediately to allow us to hold places for your students. 
The deadline for returning this form is Thursday, March 1st. Entries will only 
be accepted by mail or e-mail (Fseaver at aol.com)? (telephoned entries will not 
be accepted). We will send out a confirmation packet to schools returning 
this form, which will include a Final Entry Form, judge philosophy forms, and 
maps to the school. 

If you need additional information, please call me at (404) 765-1510. The 
entire Woodward Academy debate team looks forward to hosting you this spring.

Sincerely, ? 

Frank Seaver ???????????????? Avery Dale            Roy 
Director of Forensics?????? Debate Coach         Debate Coach 
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