[eDebate] Quick Answer to Andy

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Wed Jan 17 15:46:18 CST 2007

Read my genetic engineering topic proposal and you may see a lot of answers to
your questions.

I agree that the the topics have not been the best. This years topic is a
perfect example.

Compare the vaunted "Privacy" courts topic with this one. I am sure that those
who coached and debated that topic will tell you that it was much better for
everyone to debate a broad based topic that focuses on a single general issue.

It is clear to me that this year's topic area was essentially highjacked by
persons who wanted to have specific cases debated rather than general topic

I think a topic such as Resolved: The USSCT should overturn one or more of its
decisions regarding racial integration. Would have been a superior topic to the
one that was chosen (I'd say it was a false choice created by the Topic
Committtee, by the way.)

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