[eDebate] more w elliot

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Jan 18 08:15:41 CST 2007

i think scotts proposed solutiouns to the topic process are very good
ideas and i will work to support them.  i also in the very near future
might run for topic committee with a reform based campaign that can
correct som of the ideological ossification.

however i will also work in theory and practice against the current
ideology of topic selection. the self determination arguments i make
give students a theoretical option through which to expose the current
ideology of the process while siuateously taking the power away from
the hijackers.

simply put i am not limiting myself to one tactic to bring about the
change i think is needed, i will do whatever i can to support and
encourage the reforms needed to the committee but will as i said
pursue my own course in the event that those reforms are not enough

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