[eDebate] DCUDL Tournament This Weekend in Need of Judges

Carlos Varela carlos
Thu Jan 18 11:16:26 CST 2007

Hello Edebate Community,

We still need more judges to have our tournament on Saturday, January 20th.
Things are tight because of George Mason Tournament this weekend.

Our next tournament will be a high school policy tournament and will be held
this Saturday, January 20th, at
 T.Roosevelt Senior High School. The tournament will start at 9 am and will
go till no later than 3:30.

 IF you would like to watch the award ceremony, that will take place
immediately after,
and will conclude by 4:30 pm. As always, breakfast and lunch will be

Since it is on Saturday, the main entrance on 13th street NW will be
closed. So, instead you should go to the Parking Lot entrance, located at
4400 Iowa Ave, NW. It is
very close to the intersection of Iowa and Georgia Avenue NW. The parking
lot is located
Right next to McFarland Middle School. Just walk into the parking lot,
follow the road
and you will see the entrance to Roosevelt. You should also see the Football
field to your
left as you walk in.

With regards to public transportation, the nearest metro station is Georgia
Ave/Petworth station, on the green line. From there you walk around 3 blocks
north on Georgia until you hit Upshur and take a left on Upshur. The school
is right there on your right.

There is also the 70 bus which goes north on Georgia avenue that drops you
off right on Upshur street.

If you know of other people that might be able to help out, who are not
getting these emails, feel free to pass this on to them or forward me their
email and I will kindly ask them.

Any questions regarding judging or anyother matter, please do not hesitate
 contact me
 at 202-341-5083 or at carlos at dcdebate.or . Also, please pass this on to
anyone you may think would be interested in helping out.

Thank you all very much,

Carlos Varela
DC Urban Debate League

 Our next tournament is the following weekend in January, the 27th, and will
 a middle
 school tournament, held at DC Prep Academy.

After that, our next tournament will be February 10, away tournament to
 Run High
 School, in VA. Transportation will be provided via a chartered bus leaving

The Next tournament will be our largest of the year. It will host middle
 high school
 together. The date for this is February 24, to be held at Hyde Leadership
 School, located at 151 "T" Street NW.

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