[eDebate] Baylor Update #2

Matt Gerber matt_gerber27
Thu Jan 18 12:27:49 CST 2007

Hello again! Things are basically all set here in Waco...a few updates:

1) The weather is looking better...things are de-icing nicely. It may still 
be chilly and rainy so plan accordingly, but it looks like no more ice or 

2) Prefs: Finalize your entries on the Bruschke system. I will download all 
the info tomorrow afternoon, and make a pref sheet available at 
registration. There have been several reports of impending judge changes due 
to both sickness and strandings, so it will be easier just to do prefs at 

3) The JV Division (or lack thereof). Right now I am sorry to say that there 
are only 3 teams entered in the JV Division. UTD, UTSA, and 1 of my teams. I 
don't expect this to change at this point. I have contacted the coaches at 
UTD/UTSA to see if they have a preference as to what to do...leaning toward 
cancelling that part of the tournament.

We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night.....

~Da Bears

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