[eDebate] Tim Wise to visit KCKCC

Darren Elliott delliott
Mon Jan 22 16:17:12 CST 2007

This is an open invitation to anyone in or near the KC area.  
The KCKCC Debate Team and KCKCC Intercultural Center are teaming up to
host one of the country's most profound speakers on Institutional and
Societal Racism.
Noted author and speaker Tim Wise will be visiting the KCKCC campus
next Tuesday, Jan. 30th at 11am in the Performing Arts Center.  We would
like anyone interested in coming to please join us.
The College is very fortunate to be able to host such a renowned
speaker and activist as Tim Wise.  
Tim Wise is the author of "White Like Me", a book that takes a
profoundly honest look at white privilege and institutional racism.  He
writes extensively on his website
He has spoken at over 400 colleges and universities and in 48 states. 
He has a BA in Political Science from Tulane University, has received
the 2001 British Diversity Award, has authored 2 major books, and has
chapters in 15 other books.  He has been consulted by Attorneys in
Federal Discrimination cases, and is among the nations most notable
activists on race.  You can learn more about him by visiting:
Tim's brutally honest lectures draw standing room only audiences and we
hope you can join us on the 30th at 11am.  We expect a large turnout
from the community as well.  He will challenge the thought process and
force people to confront issues of privilege and race.  Please join
On behalf of the KCKCC Debate Team and the KCKCC Intercultural Center,
Darren Elliott                           Melanie Jackson-Scott
Director of Debate--KCKCC       Director of the Intercultural Center
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