[eDebate] Help with Middle East Topic Paper

Steve Mancuso spmancuso
Tue Jan 23 14:45:47 CST 2007

Hi everyone,

Mike Maffie (my top debater at Miami) and I are writing a topic area  
paper to submit for the 07-08 topic process.  It concerns engagement  
in the Middle East.  We were hoping that some of you might have the  
time to brainstorm/research and send us the product of your efforts.   
We are interested in any form of input: affirmative articles,  
negative argument ideas and articles, wording suggestions, etc.

Our working (very, very early draft) resolution would go something  
like this:  The US should increase its (government-to-government)  
engagement through economic assistance and or military commitments  
with one or more of the following: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, the  
Palestinian National Authority, Syria

We are looking at a list of other nations as well like Israel  
(presents bi-directionality problems) and Pakistan.

Please email any help you can offer to both of us.  Mike does not  
subscribe to edebate and he is doing the bulk of the work on this  

mancussp at muohio.edu
maffiemd at muohio.edu

Thanks - Steve Mancuso

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