[eDebate] Harriet Tubman Results

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Jan 23 17:28:16 CST 2007

Open Speakers

1.Ben Crossan SUNY Buffalo
2.Barboroa Ondruskova Towson
3.Matt Kalin USMA
4. Henry Harpen USMA
5. Samantha Godbey West Virginia
6. Renee Marren USMA
7. Tyler Jost USMA
8. Iman Brickus Towson
9. Evelin Anderspok Towson
10. Whitney Brown CUNY

JV Speakers
1.Anthony Rowles USMA
2. Stephen Griffiths USMA
3. Tom Bako Towson
4.Joseph Langella USMA
5.Derrick Jerke USMA
6.Julius Burris Baltimore City Community College
7. Camilla Dulys-Nusbaum USMA
8. Sam Timinsky Marist
9. Erica Rogers West Virginia
10.William Przbysz

JV Sems
USMA Vs WVU DS WVU forfeits do to weather

congrats to usma

Varsity Sems
Towson/Buffalo  BC  v WVU GR  2-1 WVU GR Diggs, Baker, Zubatay*
USMA HK VS  WVU SS USMA HK 2-1 Keeton, Rubino, Patrice*

Varsity Finals
WVU GR VS USMA HK 2-1 USMA HK Bittner, Diggs, *Skinner

Congrats to all 4 debaters and all the teams who helped make this a great
and wonderfully smooth tournament.
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