[eDebate] Attention all tab geeks - test my software please

Orion Smith smithori
Tue Jan 23 20:57:02 CST 2007

Hi everyone,

Been awhile since I released any new software on the Okemos Debate website,
but I have recently been highly motivated to test a new project and I am
inviting everyone to take a look. Unlike previous projects, this is not a
secret and I don't require you to get an account to try it. You could be
seeing what I'm talking about in about three clicks. Here's the URL:


What is this project? It's called the Auto-Presets Calculator, and it is
designed to create fully-preset, seeded tournaments such as the upcoming
Michigan Varsity State Finals event. I am releasing this to the public for
three reasons:

1. The project exists to serve the public good. This is not by any stretch
full-featured tab software, in fact after this software does its work the
results would just be plugged into TRPC. So I am not competing with anyone
that I know of. Plus, as chair of the MIFA Debate Committee I want to see
what I can do to help out.

2. I think this is pretty cool stuff. I'm not above a little recognition,
but also I enjoy the thought that people would be intrigued or even
entertained by this project.

and finally but most importantly,

3. I need help! I want people to submit suggestions for how I could develop
better algorithms to solve what is essentially a big Sudoku puzzle. Please
read through what I've done and submit your feedback or suggestions, either
here or utilizing the tools I provide on our website.

Thanks for your time, see you around!

- Orion Smith -
- Director of Debate, Okemos High School -
- MIFA Debate Committee Chair, 2006-2007 -
- 2800 Jolly Road: Okemos, MI 48864 -
- Cell phone: (517)490-0376 -
- email: smithori at msu.edu -

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