[eDebate] Augustana Strike Sheets

Matt Moore matt_moore85
Wed Jan 24 21:43:44 CST 2007

Augustana Strike Sheet                               

We are able to offer a limited strike sheet based on the
number of judges available and the size of the different divisions. You may
strike up to three judges for the prelims. Strikes apply to every division.
Please email the sheet to Matt (mattmmoore at gmail.com)
or turn it in at registration. If you turn it in late you may not get your


Stevenson         Ron      Wayne State Universi               

Palczewski       Cate     Northern Iowa (Univ.               

Moore  Matt     Augustana IL    

Sternhagen       Fred     Concordia        

Elliott    Darren  Kansas City Kansas C  

Hingstman        David   Iowa

Wiese   Danielle            Florida State     

Cram Helwich  David   Macalester       

Solt      Roger   Kentucky         

Lavelle Katie    Augustana IL    

Klemz  Aaron   Augustana IL    

Westmoreland  Josh     Kansas State    

Flinn     Skippy Kansas City Kansas C  

Mancuso          Steve    Miami   

Stanley Justin    Missouri-Kansas City   

Zompetti           Joe       Illinois State Universiy 

Barouch           Tim      Northwestern   

Peters   Donny  Wayne State Universi   

Fitzmier            Dan      Augustana IL    

Snider  Sarah   Kansas State    

Green   Justin    Kansas State    

Easley  Terri     Johnson County            

Glass    Tim      Illinois (University of)    

Harr     Kelsey  Northern Iowa (Univ.   

Poulakos          Niko    Iowa    

Munksgaard     Jane     Augustana IL    

Maurer Sam     Emporia State U.                      

Gayetsky          Matt     Miami   

Koresawa        Katsuya            Illinois State University  

Buntin   Jeff       Macalester       

Campbell          Peter    Augustana IL    

Pesce   Anthony           Notre Dame

Hartmann         James   Notre
Dame (University)           

Todero Tony    Minnesota (Univ. of)     

Holmes Kwame            Illinois (University of)    

Carson Austin   Miami   

Severson Brian Iowa    

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