[eDebate] Hiring Judges for Phi Rho Pi

Darren Elliott delliott
Thu Jan 25 12:22:36 CST 2007

This year's Community College National Tournament is in Houston, TX
April 9th-14th.  Wade Hescht at North Harris CC is the tournament host. 
He has asked to post this solicitation for judges to the list-serve. 
His email is below.  It's a sweet deal.  $300 for 3 days and they
provide you a hotel room at the Marriott.  If you are interested contact
Wade or drop me a line and I can point you towards the forms as well. 
The policy debate pool is usually shallow and the hope is that enough
qualified people will want to judge.  It is also a great chance to come
and recruit.  
Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC
North Harris College will be hosting this year's Phi Rho Pi national
tournament.  The tournament will be held at the JW Marriott (Galleria
Area) in Houston, TX.  I am in need of judges that can be available
April 10-13th.  The hired judges need to be experienced in judging both
debate and individual events.  You will receive $300 for the 3 days.  If
you need accommodations, I can work on getting you a room at the hotel. 
I am also in desperate need of 3 or 4 judges that has experience in LD
and Team Debate.    

If all of the dates don't fit your schedule but you would still like to
volunteer to judge for a day, that would be a great help to the

To submit for being a hired judge, go to the Joy of Tournaments. Click
on Hired Judges. Then you can fill out the forms for hired judges.
Submit and we will let you know about judging. Any questions, let me

If you just want to be hired round by round, you would need to login
and submit paperwork.  You also need to do this even if you are not
wanting to be hired and just want to volunteer a couple of days or a
couple of rounds.  Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


Wade Hescht (Tournament Host) wade.hescht at nhmccd.edu
Duane Fish (Tournament Director)

The address for Joy of Tournaments is:

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